I was at Digital Cafe’ – RAI (ON AIR) into the Expo “Piu’ Libri Piu’ Liberi” talking about big art events into Virtual Worlds

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5 /12/2010  ” Digital Cafe’ “ RAI Italian Television (ON AIR) into “Piu’ Libri Piu’ Liberi” Expo, talking about big art events into Virtual Worlds

The 5 december 2010 as active artist Merlino Mayo I was invited to talk about big art events into virtual worlds,  it was an intersting talk show at the RAI italian national television Digital Cafe’ conducted from Marina Bellini aka Mexi Lane, into the Expo Piu libri e piu’ Liberi of little and medium Italian Editors at Rome EUR historic ‘Palazzo dei Congressi‘ building, with other remarkable instersting guests, the President of Commission Culture of Rome Federico Mollicone, Francesca Barbi Marinetti the niece of  Filippo Tommaso Marinetti founder of the historic Futurism art mouvement from the 1920, the artist Marco Manray aka Marco Cadioli, and a long interview with Bryn Oh, and Maryva Mayo, Cristina Cilli, Patrizia Nofi, Talete Flanagan, ect.  So I was proudly able to talk as inworld artist and witness, to describe the history of Burning Man (event in real life) the Burning life and the Burn2 and others big events where I take active part like Imagine Festival from Yoko Ono with CARP Nicolas Schoffer’s Tower, or Through the virtual looking glass a bridge between SLife art events and RLife art galleries events so the importance of these kind of events for the virtual worlds Art evolution.

The experience at the Burn2.0 of 2010 was very interesting. There were many unknowns at the beginning of the event in large part to the disappointment of many artists and exhibitors who were waiting with great anticipation each year of the former event Burning Life (last 2009) to say the least pharaonic, with the beauty of 32 islands sim granted use directly from Linden Lab still remember like it was yesterday, the moment when I discovered this show late last year, and I was incredulous to discover the magnificence and the infinite complexity of an virtual event, but perfectly comparable for interest, creativity, energy and commitment, to a great and glorious international expo into real life.
That summer I decided to do something to bring to the attention of most people as possible the existence of this incredible event, even outside the virtual world, I could not bear the thought that all this be ignored by the world of so-called real life. And I remember even as a joke that I began to photograph everything, all these installations and trying to mark the names of individual builders and artists, changing the appropriate lighting for each work, etc. To give only a vague idea of the crazy idea,  I was taking pictures for almost 10 days, and a quantity ‘of shots near the end of 3500, of course to select, cause I shot it in various circumstances with different lights, but a quantity remarkable at least for my standards. I mention this fact to make you understand the complexity of this event, and I can say that in these cases you can really understand that every visitor is going through a subjective experience different from others but from himself in time when which returned to more logical route randomly changing times.

This year there was a change of course, and after all the internal debate among the organizers, former founding event of the Black Rock Rangers and the same Linden Labs, has created a new situation of self-sufficiency, in which and they had to ask for help all the participants, this has generated a great distrust and a hard reconstruction of credibility of the event. The unknown many have decided not to participate, and therefore do not contribute, and then you have already reached the remarkable result of six islands in Second Life sim, which in any case have been a great achievement, and you and ‘seen slowly in the days of organizing to get big names of famous artists such as Bryn Oh, AM Radio, Maya Paris, Wizard Gynoid, Gracie Kendal, and others. For people like me who had already ‘at work on her small lot, this was a great joy, cause you kept believing in the event of the burn, related to famous historical event in the real life Burning Man.
It is the end result was a large concentration of high quality and densely populated with events, complex three-dimensional structures, moving lights and colors, content and ideas of great interest and great wealth and inspiration.
The event is for those who participate, not just a great chance ‘of visibility’ and showcase to the world inside the metaverse, the outer one for real life, and for observers inworld, gallery owners, researchers, editors, bloggers, owners, rangers, event organizers and the artists themselves, etc.
Personally I found enormously stimulating experience, I made friends with several artists in the first did not know existed and which are now in close contact and great confidence. All this for a creative but not only, is a treasure and a priceless opportunity ‘for personal improvement and development only.
The burn2.0 has exceeded expectations and pessimistic forecasts, with impeccable organization and a ‘was set up in no time, because of the previous debate concluded shortly before. Represented in each case a point of continuity ‘with the glorious past, and I really hope he can evolve in future editions with even more’ great results.
I thank all participants and I hope to meet again in 2011.

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photos from events:

Burning Man photos from flickr

Burn2 from Flickr

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Merlino Mayo (Italy) & Abstract Baroque (UK) each took home the $L20,000 prizes for winning the inaugural Scien@Art Physics 2010 Competition

Final prizegiving was 13/06/2010 – 17.00 (Europe TIME) – 08.00 PDT/SLT
CSW ISLAND di MarkWD Helendale e Aliza Karu

Scien&Art is a Project from Talete Flanagan (Second Physics) and Marjorie Fargis (SL Art)
made in collaboration with Experience Italy (Mexi Lane), UWA (Jayjay Zifanwe), Open Science (Noke Yakuza), Alpine Executive Center (Sunset Quinnell), CSW ISLAND (MarkWD Helendale) e USMP (Maximo Eames). The project born from the idea to link two big issues:  Art and Science.

The target is to bring the artists to express through their creativity from Science’s concepts and to help scientists to comunicate in a creative way.
This first edition of the contest was dedicated to the Physic and was divided into 6 categories: Atom, Big Bang, Cosmic Rays, Electricity, Nanotechnologies and Strings.

Science Giury was:

Talete Flanagan (chair)
Patio Plasma
Sunset  Quinell
Girdano Burnestein
Caledonian Hero
Albert Upsilon aka Mauro Francaviglia (president of SEGRAM ) as RL member

the winners into the “Science” section into each category:

Jess Oranos – ELETTRICITA’……………… vincitore del premio di 1.000 L$
Abstract Baroque – STRINGHE ………….. vincitore del premio di 1.000 L$
Merlino Mayo – RAGGI COSMICI……….. vincitore del premio di 1.000 L$
pol jarvinen – ATOMO ………………………. vincitore del premio di 1.000 L$
Dixit Writer – BIG BANG……………………. vincitore del premio di 1.000 L$
FreeWee Ling – NANOTECNOLOGIE…. vincitore del premio di 1.000 L$

The artistic giury was:

Marjorie Fargis – SL Art co-owner (a writer in RL)
Mexi Lane – Experience Italy (art expert in RL)
JayJay Zifanwe – UWA (UWA Manager RL)
Aneli Abeyante – Artists Gallery
Noke Yuitza – Open Science owner (Open Science curator RL)
Adam Grau – Ad Opera owner (artist in RL)

the 6 winners into the “Artistic” section into each category:

pol jarvinen – ATOMO………………………………………..category winner
Kolor Fall – NANOTECNOLOGIE ……………………….category winner prize 1.000 L$
Merlino Mayo – RAGGI COSMICI ………………………category winner
Jess Oranos – ELETTRICITA’ …………………………….category winner
Mila Thatam Rodroguez Imago – STRINGHE ……. category winner prize 1.000 L$
MOsMax Hax – BIG BANG ………………………………. category winner prize 1.000 L$

The two giury decided the best of final artists in both sections and decided the best Scien&Art Ed. 1 – 2010 – Physic – is assigned to: Merlino Mayo (Italy)

Mexi Lane said:
“he found the adaptation of his humanoid prototype also in this issue, building an egg where ‘the stone man’ float into the space, shooted from burning cosmic rays.
The genius is into the absence, into the essential and in the simplicity where Merlino Mayo can to target the contest theme, using a ricorrent element into his works. As a “real” contemporary artist.”

from UWA blog post:

“Merlino Mayo (Italy) & Abstract Baroque (UK) each took home the $L20,000 prizes for winning the inaugural Scien@Art Physics 2010 Competition, challenging all of Second Life to create 3D art objects incorporating Physics principles across a number of categories, Atom, String Theory, Nanotechnology, Big Bang, Electricity and Atom.”


a recent intersting article ita language:

SCIEN-ART: Arte e Scienza si incontrano in Second Life


and again from UWA:

“These 2 winning pieces, also automatically qualify for the Grand Prize Round of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge, which will take place across the month of September 2010.

The Scien&Art Physics competition, also awarded prizes for each of the 6 categories, with a winner selected representing the best scientific interpretation of the theme, as well as the best artistic representation of the theme. Notably, Pol Jarvinen, Jess Oranos & Merlino Mayo won both the best scientific and best artistic interpretation of their categories. The winners of each category are as follows:

Atom – Pol Jarvinen
Electricity – Jess Oranos
Cosmic Rays – Merlino mayo
String Theory – Abstract Baroque
Big Bang – Dixit Writer
Nanotechnology – FreeWee Ling

Atom – Pol Jarvinen
Electricity – Jess Oranos
Cosmic Rays – Merlino mayo
String Theory – Mila Thatam & Rodriguez Imako
Big Bang – MosMax Hax
Nanotechnology – Kolor Fall Posted by UWA in SL at 7:35 PM