Imagine Festival 2009 at CARP my installation Erudium

10/2009 “IMAGINE FESTIVAL” into the Imagine Festival we can found the partecipation of Yoko Ono.
With my  installation ERUDIUM, I took part in “Imagine Festival 2009 live events” in the CARP with others groups. ERUDIUM is constructed on a single platform which makes it possible for me to continue trying out scripts, manipulated sounds and rotational movements, creating an interactive work that the visitor can experience for themselves in a totally unique way every time they visit the structure.

E.R.U.D.I.U.M. 2119 - 11 oct 2009 by Merlino Mayo

a pic of ERUDIUM into the official ImagineFestival blog

2pm – 4pm CARP – the Cybernetic Arts Research Project presents Imagine Future Show : Benvolio.

10 scenes of our future Home, Transport, Consumption, Nature, Aging, Communication, Love, Unity, Luxury and Heaven.

Take the amazing journey between these visions with the celestial boatman

Visioned by Velazquez Bonnetto, Josina Burgess, SaveMe Oh, Scicily Zapatero and Merlino Mayo, Eros Boa.. .

Press talking about the event:

CNN iReport – DANCING with YOKO ONO in SL

by Any1 Gynoid