NATURAE Show by Merlino Mayo at MiC Musei in Comune di Roma (2nd Part)

Screen Shot from NATURAE on the official: Viewer2

Screen Shot from NATURAE on the official: Viewer2

My art show NATURAE at MiC the Sim of Rome Museums, started on 28 March 2011 and closed in the last 30 May 2011,  with a concert event and my last level element of Fire.

From the start there was a great unexpected feedback of thousands visitors. Many publications, blogs, articles, books, photos, etc. were produced, that has gifted to me great satisfactions, so I would like to create here a little summary to get a memory of what happened in these last months.

Finally I want to do special thanks to those who made it possible, the MiC sim project sponsored in real life from Musei in Comune di Roma Capitale, Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali e della Comunicazione Sovraintendenza ai Beni Culturali, Zètema, so to all the people that helped to realize this show at MiC so the curator Mexi Lane aka Marina Bellini also responsable of the official Rome Museums Blog, the talented builders and officers of the Sim that created a fantastic ancient roman empire island to host the art shows: Rumegush Altamura and Patrizia Blessed. Thanks to Ultraviolet Alter for the great music concert performance in the closing night, so thanks to those who had inspired my art project, to my friends and all those who wrote, filmed, took pictures, or chatted  about it and thanks to all people that visited Naturae with fun and curiosity.

Merlino Mayo


Destination Guide – Editor’s Picks from Linden Lab official Second Life website:

Official video from MiC Musei di Roma – Zètema by Mexi Lane:

video by Arm Strom:

video by Al Peretz / Alfonso Kohn

Art-Book “Merlino Mayo” Monography CARP – by Velazquez Bonetto
with photos on Naturae at MiC:

Monography Merlino Mayo - by Velazquez Bonetto ed.CARP

Monography Merlino Mayo – by Velazquez Bonetto ed.CARP

FormaFluens – International Literary Magazine with photos taken in Naturae and a critic about the show from Cristina Cilli:

Forma Fluens - International Literature Magazine

Forma Fluens – International Literature Magazine

To view the number 3 in .pdf:


Official Blog from Rome Museums:


Naturae on my Blog:

Some Photos:

Mexi Lane

ChrisTower Dae

Merlino Mayo

Merlino Mayo NATURAE

Some nice shots from visitors:

Eupalinos Ugajin
"Naturae" by Merlino Mayo

Moti Moody

Tim Dechanel
Envahisseur et destruction ...

Isabella Alphaville
3 28 11 @ MERLINO MAYO

Suapte Dionysus

Harbor Galaxy
Naturae  3
Naturae  2

Callie Mocha

Merlino Mayo (Bryn Oh in visit at NATURAE)

"Bryn Oh at Naturae" - Merlino Mayo 2011 1

Roman Carnival in Second Life – Carnevale Romano in Second Life

Roman Carnival – Carnevale Romano in Second Life

Carnevale Romano in Second Life
The MIC is getting ready for a big costume party on the 4th of March from 22.30 (01.30 SLT) some of the best musicians and singers in the metaverse will take the stage  of the Roman amphitheater. To date they have confirmed their presence (in alphabetical order):
Amleth McCallen, Eddie Santillo, nuriah Laville, orny Forcella, Ultraviolet Alter, Viviana Houston.
Each artist will stream live, performing three songs from their repertoire.
The stream will be run by Van Loopen.

At MIC, by the Temple of Vesta and the Ipogeo Romano, is a ” Sartorial theater”, where you’ll find a selection of costumes for sale. For each dress purchased at the MIC, the stylists and designers participating in this initiative offer a second dress from their collection, or an item to wear, or an accessory. In the folder you will find the purchase instructions in order  to receive the gift or the gift itself selected for you by the stylist.
The clothes that are for sale on display are by: alba2 Rossini, Anubis Hartunian, Christy Hamer, Elisea Carter, Katiuscia Vollmar, maizon Raina, Mila Tatham, Patrizia Blessed, Viviana Houston.

During the night you can dance! We have selected for you the best dances on the market to animate the amphitheater square and we will shoot a video that will publish on the web impressions of the colors and creativity of the metaverse.
In this regard it is recommended that you wear a discreet face light or other avatar lights, to prevent the flaring of light that could affect the exposure of the video.

Another event, therefore, that once again showcases such creative and valuable contributions and also that great spirit of cooperation that makes the metaverse so unique, without which it would be impossible to bring to life  events of this magnitude.

We thank all those who helped to prepare this “Roman Carnival” (Carnevale Romano) in Second Life: Patrizia Blessed, Rumegush Altamura that are the heart of the MiC, Van Loopen who has worked hard to contact the musicians and stream management, to Cristal Triellis, to Xaan Allen who with his horse “Merlino” is the protagonist of the poster in SL Style, and thanks to all those who  have given their time to the success of this event.
In their company it will certainly be a great evening! 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Mexi Lane

Venerdì 4 Marzo
ore 22.30
(*) quoted from

(*) “Grande festa internazionale in maschera il 4 marzo dalle ore 22.30 in Second Life, nell’isola dei Musei di Roma Capitale. Sul palco dell’anfiteatro romano si alterneranno alcuni tra i migliori musicisti e cantanti del metaverso: Amleth McCallen, Eddie Santillo, nuriah Laville, orny Forcella, Ultraviolet Alter, Viviana Houston.

Ognuno di loro si esibirà dal vivo, in streaming, eseguendo tre brani del proprio repertorio. La conduzione in streaming sarà a cura di Van Loopen.
Al MiC, presso il Tempio di Vesta e l’ipogeo romano, è stata allestita anche una “Sartoria teatrale”, CARNIVAL FASHION, dove i residenti possono trovare una scelta di costumi da acquistare. Per ogni abito acquistato al MiC, gli stilisti e designer che hanno partecipato all’iniziativa regalano un altro abito della loro collezione, o un oggetto da indossare, o un accessorio.

Gli abiti esposti in vendita al MiC sono di: alba2 Rossini, Anubis Hartunian, Christy Hamer, Elisea Carter, Katiuscia Vollmar, maizon Raina, Mila Tatham, Patrizia Blessed, Viviana Houston.
Durante la serata si ballerà, ci saranno effetti speciali di luci e un gran finale di fuochi d’artificio. Durante la serata sarà girato un video che diffonderà nel web i colori e la creatività del metaverso.
Un altro evento, dunque, che vede ancora una volta mettere in campo preziosi contributi creativi e quello spirito di cooperazione che caratterizza il metaverso e senza il quale non sarebbe possibile organizzare manifestazioni di questa portata.

Ringrazio tutti coloro che nanno dato una mano a preparare questo Carnevale Romano in Second Life: da Patrizia Blessed e Rumegush Altamura che sono il cuore pulsante del MiC, a Van Loopen che si è dato da fare per contattare i musicisti e per la gestione dello streaming, a Cristal Triellis, a Xaan Allen che con il suo cavallo “Merlino” è protagonista della locandina in SL Style, e a tutti coloro che fino ad oggi hanno regalato il loro tempo per la riuscita di questo evento.

La direzione artistica del Carnevale Romano in Second Life è di Marina Bellini, aka Mexi Lane.

Zètema Progetto Cultura”
sito ufficiale
(*) quoted from