The Book "Rinascimento Metaverso"

EL MENTUM One of my most representatives and complex works I ever done, a big installation partecipating at the “RINASCIMENTO METAVERSO” Show – 30 Jan 2010 – presented in Benvolio at CARP (Virtual Cinetic & Cybernetic Art in the Second Life Metaverse Infrastructure) a Collective Show with italian artists.  The Structure was a travel into the Elements through dream visions and simbols, into complete immersive spaces.

EL MENTUM at CARP by Merlino Mayo for "Rinascimento  Metaverso"

Creation of the final event “The War of the Elements” that closed the whole Show, a performance with different outfits own created, rezzer, sculptures, ect. with visitors directly involved into the battle space.

EL MENTUM by Merlino Mayo

This is the Entrance to the whole bigger installation a dreamlike travel into the Nature’s Elements

Welcome to EL MENTUM one installation partecipating at the “RINASCIMENTO METAVERSO” – 30 Jan 2010 – presented in Benvolio at CARP (Virtual Cinetic & Cybernetic Art in the Second Life Metaverse Infrastructure)

This realistic field is the door entrance to the virtual world. The Alice’s Mirror you can find always into the Metaverses. To Explore the entire complex installation just reach the hole near the metal structure and simply jump in or walk in it. You will fall into the FIRST ELEMENT – 1) AIR -… after that just follow the white GUIDE-LINES on the ground and reach the doors on the wall that look as great Symbols, go through those and walk to the NEXT ELEMENT… so in order to see.. for help if you don’t want to walk you can reach each part with the following Landmarks.

0) Crop Field

1) AIR (AER)




5) EXIT with TELEPORT to other artists – with The little ROOM of the Creation –


– The Name –

born from Latin words AL (changed in EL) that means “Growing” and MENTUM that means “Aliment” so I found intersting the story of this word so near to idea of the ancient Reneissance, and a reborn of the ideas and the new technology research in Arts in the actual scenary of new frontiers as Processing and Augmented Reality that for sure will intercept the develop of the tomorrow Metaverses.

– The Structure –

This installation is divided into two big Areas: A) Real World B) Virtual World (dreamlike)

A) The Real World (alaways part of the Maya ‘illusion’ concept)

This is a big Crop field that represent the door entrance to the Virtual Oniric World. The Alice’s Mirror you can find always into the Metaverses.
Here you find a symbolic representation of the four Nature Elements as:

1 -The Trees “Humus – Earth (+)”

2 -The Astrolabe, Stars – “Ignis – Fire O”

3 -The abandoned Watermill – “Aqua – Water (-)”

4 -The Scaffolding with windy ropes “Aer – Air (o)”

5 -The central Crop Field that represent the Life Cicle of Nature, Born and Death.

6 -The Dodecahedron that represent the invisible Fifth Element. So it looks different from the rest. this figure has got 12 faces (4×3) where 4 is Gaia and 3 is the Sun. Each face is with 5 sides so the five “elements” are completes.
There are also some rust metal symbols abandoned near each real element that needs to be understood as the way they looks.

Earth “(+)” is a cross into a circle, that represent the number four that is the
Terra Mater or GAIA, the number 4 represent the four seasons, the four cardinal directions, ect.

Air “(o)” is represented from a point dot into a circle, the dimension around the point means the air concept as an empty space around it.

Water “(-)” is almost tangible the concept of surface or the lake or sea horizon.

Fire “O” is a pure round circle that represent the Sun.

There is an Hole into the ground that represent The Door or The Alice’s Mirror that is necessary to reach the Dream dimension.

B) Virtual World (dreamlike) – located under the crop field –
This section is a long sequence of big spaces or rooms dedicated to all the single elements, in order from AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER, and a final little “Room of the Creation” or the “Creation of the Universe”.
Each large space is divided from a tunnel corridor a sort of buffer zone, necessary to avoid sounds interferences.
All the walking is built in safe mode to avoid avatars lost into the thousands interspaces hidden into the whole structure.
The Walk Line is white and easy to recognize, with big large arrows that shows the right direction.
On the Walls are present big huge Symbols that are doors to pass through, each one is positioned to show the next element the visitor is going to reach and to make experience of.

1) So the first ambient is the AIR with men who seems to fall down but basically are fluctuating into the element of air space, with evocative sounds and an explosion of light and colors, to give the idea of moving with all the means.

2) The second space is EARTH. Here you find the dominant 4 with cross, so the cube volumes are dominant in all that you can see. This space would recall the idea of a forest with big cubed green tree trunks that slowly moves but are strictly connected with the gravity as a strong force from up and down. The trees move all with some large blue light-air volumes to magnify the tree trunks consistence but also the opposite balance between physical forces, as light and shadows or
light and heavy, or fight and love. The men this time are all on the ground surface and looks in white light and black reflecting.. they are strictly connected to the ground and still suggest to the visitor the opposite concept, with colors, position-actions and consistence glow and reflection. The sounds are evocative of a forest full of life.

3) The ambient of the FIRE is represented from the round circle of the Sun, a star with rays that could be represented as rays, the triangle, as like the flames of a camp fire. So you can find here a big cloud of a great number of Triangular flaming parts in the air as a smoke, and a big central fire with moving rays from the center of it. The sounds are from tribal percussions drums, and vibration instruments with the fire sound. The men are all converted to the center with scaling force to give the idea of power energy. The triangle is present also in the volume of the room and the white walking lines. The light is diffused from a center point to the rest of the area. There is also a little circle of acrobatics men, who represent the dance of life.

4) The WATER is a big round sphere with many waves builted with flexi cones, that create with the right settings, a liquide Movement fluent and fluid. The levels calls the water surface as the symbol call the sea horizon. Into the center there are rezzers who react to the avatar presence and create columns of bowls of water and oxygen, with strong sounds from the sea waves and water effect. In the Exit little room there are 2 men who swim under the water surface, one going down and one going up.

5) The little Room of the Universe Creation, this is a little corner created to give a rappresentation of the Vibration who create the Universe. It comes from the shadows and is positioned into a large black empty space, as a conception and gestation of something which is being born. The geometrical volumes changes from little to bigger as mean of the born and growing concept. The spheres and the boxes. The boxes represent the different dimensions, that change colors from deeper to lighter, the spheres just spot light with a unique big vibration which create all things.

Final Close Show Performance for EL MENTUM: “The Battle of the Elements”

Special Thanks to all the Group of CARP and all dear friends.

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Merlino Mayo Biography

Merlino Mayo Biography  – updated 6-2011

Screen from Linden Labs on Viewer2 – 2011 my Show “Naturae” at MiC Musei di Roma

Artist interested in the relation of Art between the Virtual and the Real World, starts into virtual worlds to find a synthesis, and a symbolic alphabet to be used as a starting point to create a score always different but recognizable. The Nature, the Human being, Technology, Architecture,  Mythology, Fractal Math, Processing, CyberArt, Futurism, Pop Art, Pop Surrealism,  Street Art and the contrast with real decadent romantic atmospheres, are main sources of inspiration. Interactions with structures and visitors are important.

My exploration of Second Life began in April 2007, and from the start I found myself identifying with experimental builder. I spent a great deal of time learning and sharing building knowledge, first  at the Skybeam Sandbox, and later (from 2007-08) on sim Lupulinus (closed in the end of 2008), and at ZigZag still active, and in 2009 at 2Lifecast HUB project, working on various terraforming and structural projects, focussing on the study of the virtual reproduction of natural forms, the perception of colors in movement, the creation of complete avatars and experimenting with inworld snapshots and graphic.

Spring-Summer/2007 Firsts Art Moving Sculptures

5 June 2007 Born of Xaan Allen my female Alt Symbiont Avatar  *written in her profile “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction”
Pablo Picasso

1/2008 First study for a complex art installation, a travel on sky planes through colors and shadows related to the ancient history concepts.

3/2009 I joined the “Hub Creativo” group as a builder and graphics designer, working on complex structures.
Hub Creativo was in partnership with RL Province of Milan, Italy, and was located on sim (2lifecast) – Adpocalypse.

I later built a number of media-related structures including auditoriums, an exhibition hall based on Fractal develop and Pop Surrealism concept, an experimental modular trail,  a large completely avatar-accessible installation based on Escher’s “Waterfall”, and a faithful 3D reproduction of an optical illution – the Penrose stairs, impossible objects.

I have also been closely involved in a number of events and scenography sets, workshops and conference series, including “Earthquake – the day after” ( earthquake in Abruzzo, Italy) the series  “Lessons in Modern Physics”, “Right and Virtual”, “Social Dreaming Psychocity” and so on.  All in streamed web live.

With my 90×50 meters  installation “Magna Mater 2.0” I won first prize in “Calling for Creativity 2.0” an Art competition presented also at the two day conference  ‘Ars in Ara’ which was broadcasted live in RL on National Italian RAI television NET from the Ara Pacis in Rome, Italy,  June 5.6 2009.

Magna Mater 2.0 - by Merlino Mayo
The competition called for an artistic interpretation of  the concept Web 2.0, and Giovanni dalla Bona delivered a talk (in Italian) on the subject of creativity and the methodologies of both formal and informal training in Second Life, available at http://vimeo.com/5126167 – you can see Magna Mater at the very end of the video.
With Magna Mater, I began experimenting with modified sounds and structures that react to the presence and movement of avatars.

09/2009.  I built a movable auditorium structure used for “Scienze on the road” an inworld project that travels around 30 Italian sims with science-related shows and discussions, in partnership with the groups as Second Physics, streamed over the web by 2lifecast. We also participate in  RL conferences in various Italian cities, for example at Venice http://barcamp.org/veneziacamp2009, explaining the opportunities for learning and creativity that Second Life offers. In a big tour with more than 32 nights events in different sims.

10/2009 Began experimenting with terraforming, with an emphasis on creating a natural looking   environment, and showing my experimental sound installations at a number of art collectives.

10/2009 “IMAGINE FESTIVAL” http://imaginefestival.wordpress.com/ into the Imagine Festival we can found the partecipation of Yoko Ono.
With my  installation ERUDIUM, I took part in “Imagine Festival 2009 live events” in the CARP with others groups. ERUDIUM is constructed on a single platform which makes it possible for me to continue trying out scripts, manipulated sounds and rotational movements, creating an interactive work that the visitor can experience for themselves in a totally unique way every time they visit the structure.
E.R.U.D.I.U.M. 2119 - 11 oct 2009 by Merlino Mayo
a pic of ERUDIUM into the official ImagineFestival blog

Complete the Auditorium in the Estonia Embassy Official SIM and Brain2Brain organisation. (B2B is not still active in SLife from some months in the 2010)
A collaborative work with the artist Arcana Jansma, the provvisory Structure with wave sits, lights, platform and art sculptures for the “Edgar Morin interview” – Meet the Media Guru – in Milan Live Streaming from Theatre “Dal Verme”. Present in-world Prince Paskua french international artist.

First Show at Pirats
with Fuschia Nightfire, Trinity Eales, Mitou Waco and Georg Janick aka Gary Zabel.

The Book "Rinascimento Metaverso"

EL MENTUM One of my most representatives and complex works I ever done, a big installation partecipating at the “RINASCIMENTO METAVERSO” Show – 30 Jan 2010 – presented in Benvolio at CARP (Virtual Cinetic & Cybernetic Art in the Second Life Metaverse Infrastructure) a Collective Show with italian artists.  The Structure was a travel into the Elements through dream visions and simbols, into complete immersive spaces.

EL MENTUM at CARP by Merlino Mayo for "Rinascimento Metaverso"
Creation of the final event “The War of the Elements” that closed the whole Show, a performance with different outfits own created, rezzer, sculptures, ect. with visitors directly involved into the battle space.

15/02/2010 Pirats – Patrick Moya – Carnaval Virtuel de Nice 2010 – Second Life and Real Life.
Partecipation with many artists from all around the world. I made a giant jellyfish-Outfit sculpture-avatar made of blue pixels. First Virtual Carnival from SLife to Real Life. Into the SIM of Patrick Moya with Live Stream into the Real Life Festival at Nice (France) http://www.moyacircus.com/newmoya.htm

Show at PIRATS  my installation titled: “The Man and the Elements”
with Filthy Fluno aka Jeffrey Lipsky, Antenna Rae, Ragamuffin Kips aka Anthony Jacob, and Chrome Underwood.
16 - Feb - 2010

Into the big event of Global Mixed Reality Exhibition (Virtual art Galleries and Real Life Galleries all around the world at the same time) of the Art of Virtual Worlds called “Through the Virtual Looking Glass”. CARP is one of six exhibitions being held in six countries: France (Nice), Holland (Amsterdam), Germany, Brazil, Australia, and the USA (Boston)

Into the Benvolio Sim for CARP-Diabolus I built a Spheric Cinema made of hundreds panels, for machinima show event, and an Art Installation called “The Battle” beside the reconstruction of RL event Gallery in Holland.


Interview for the Metaverse Art Books by Velazquez Bonetto, Josina Burgess and Nazz Lane
metaverse_art_book_02b_internet (pg.79-81_pg.93-106)
Cybernetic Art Research Project/Diablous

28-5 till 13-6-2010 – Museo del Metaverso at Viareggio ART Project into the Musei Civici Villa Paolina Bonaparte (SL-Real Life).

Viareggio ART Project - 28 Maggio al 13 Giugno 2010 il Museo del Metaverso

12-6-2010Merlino Mayo (Italy) & Abstract Baroque (UK) each took home the $L20,000 prizes for winning the inaugural Scien@Art Physics 2010 Competition, challenging all of Second Life to create 3D art objects incorporating Physics principles across a number of categories, Atom, String Theory, Nanotechnology, Big Bang, Electricity and Atom.”


16-6-2010   Show at Pirats

White Velvet Art Gallery on Tuesday June 15, 2010 at 1:00 pm SLT, 22h00 FR, that will exhibe until July 10, 2010 works of:
Carmine Caliera aka Carmine Freudenberger – Trinity Eales – Jazz62 Masala aka Vasco Lago Pinto – Merlino Mayo – mitou Waco


20-06-2010 SL7B Second Life 7 Birthday

with the project called:  The “Exquisite Corpse Tower”

by Merlino Mayo & shanti Yutani

01-06-2010 to 20-12-2010 Summer-Fall 2011 – Project for Brera Academy of Arts & Milan ATM transports

…Work on a Project with Imparafacile group, with the Accademia di Brera (North-Italy) and ATM transports (Milan-Italy) Metro. Articles about this project are on Virtual Worlds Magazine….my first step project presentation in voice with wall screen into the class at Brera with my alt Symbiont: Xaan Allen

09 oct 2010 – Nicolas Schöffer’s Tower at IMAGINE FESTIVAL – (CARP)
with: Glyph Graves, Artistide Despres, Igor Ballyhoo, Bryn Oh, Eliza Wierwight, Sorror Nishi, Ub Yifu, Shellina Winkler, Ariel Brearly, Jedda Zenovka, Sabrinaa Nightfire, Misprint Thursday, Bliss Violet, Starlash Sweetwater, Paulette Felisimo, Trill Zapatero, Dancoyote Antonelli, Velazquez Bonetto,  Josina Burgess, Werner Kurosawa,  Merlino Mayo.

25-sept-2010 – Burn 2.0 – installation with my alt symbiont Xaan Allen

!D.A.! Digital Art – My installation LINEAE into the collective show at MdM in streaming Real Life (2lifecast, Museo del Metaverso) Milano, october 2010 Loggia dei Mercanti http://digitalart.2lifecast.com/?page_id=47

23th November 2011 – PAD – Pop Art Display (museum of Pop Art) Solaris SIM – I built the vistable 3d reconstruction into Second Life,  of the legendary Silver Factory of Andy Warhol in New York City 1962-1968

Show at Pirats on 23th November 2010 with my friend Mikati Slade in the outside space of Omega – my work installation was dedicated to Andy Warhol and Pop Art music “The Andy’s Last Supper” by Merlino Mayo alt (Xaan Allen)

November 2011 – Live interview ON-AIR Television in RL on RAI.IT streaming talking about the Big Art Events into Second Life, as Burning Life 2009 . Burn2.0 2010. Imagine Festival (Yoko Ono) and the CARP partecipation with Nicholas Schoffer’s Tower on 5 december 2010

22 Mar – 16 Apr 2011Show at SAS La Criée Art Gallery Mar.22 – Apr.16 – 2011

28 March 2011 –IMAGIN@RIUM- “NATURAE” by Merlino Mayo – Opening at MiC Musei in Comune di Roma
The Opening was on Monday 28 March 2011 at  1:30 SLT – 22:30 to MiC –
Museums of Rome SIM

1 Apr 2011 – Art Kahos – collective building with: Aloisio Congrejo, Cherry Manga, Daniele Daco Costantin, Elie Maurice, Fuschia Nightfire, Josina Den Burger, Merlino Mayo, Typote Beck.

8-9-10 June 2011 – NO NUCLEAR – installation “COSMO” 1st of Series CUBICUS 1/3  linked to a 3 days debate about No Nuclear Referendum in Italy. ALOISIO CONGREJO, GIOVANNA CERISE, MERLINO MAYO, SOLKIDE AUER. http://virtualworldsmagazine.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/tre-giorni-per-il-futuro-8910-giugno/

20 June 2011SL8B Second Life 8th Birthday “Idolum” art installation 2nd of Series CUBICUS 2/3. http://slurl.com/secondlife/SL8B%20Exhilarate/104/232/31

25 June 2011 – Show “Light & Gravity” at Caerleon in Real Life at Boston with interviews Live with public in the Boston Art Institute, presented by presented by Jason Pramas (aka Sunseeker Miklos), Gary Zabel (aka Georg Janick) and Martha Jane Bradford (aka Alizarin Goldflake).

My Artwork installation is “The Cage” 3rd of Series CUBICUS 3/3.

26 August 2011 – Come out an Article written by Simona Lamonaca about Virtual Art related to Real Life on VOGUE (Italy edition) newspaper with my photo about my installation work in Second Life that I did for the Brera Academy and ATM transports in Milan and presented in RAI television in december 2010. In the article and illustrations the mentioned artists are:  Bryn Oh, Rose Borchovski, Peter Greenaway, Merlino Mayo, Cutea Benelli and Blotto Epsilon.

VOGUE Italy edition article
VOGUE Italy edition article

11 September 2011 – 
setting up displays with a little art installation by Merlino Mayo at MiC in Second Life, a show about “CITIES OF NEW YORK” a Real Life show with photographers  on the Theme 11.9.2001 Day in New York City.

1st Oct 2011 –  For the opening the 1st October 2011 – Burn2 – Burning life event – Xaan Allen Symbiont work installation Fall of the Giants”.

Oct 2011 – Collective working progress  in the InworldZ grid (no Second Life), into the sperimental Betty Toureaud’s Project – “Babel Tower”, Typote, Wizard Gynoid, Ultraviolet Alter, Merlino Mayo +(Xaan Allen), Soror Nishi, Miso Susanowa, ect.

–  1  December 2011 –  Still Open to Visit: Art&Poetry based on Carmen Auletta’s visions (aka Margy Ryba), with 132 Artists from all the world, 22-poems, 22 weeks, 22 sites, 22 exhibitions, 132 works.  My show is in December 2011 in Rose Borchovsky‘s sim, “Two Fish” for “The Ship” theme poetry. WEEK from DECEMBER 1 to DEC. 4, 2011 – Artists: SIMOTRON AQUILA, KIKAS BABENCO AND MARMADUKE ARADO, MISTERO HIFENG, CARLOTTA CEAWLIN, ARS NAVALIS, MERLINO MAYO, EUPALINOS UGAJIN. http://www.museodelmetaverso.it/page/programma-schedule

– 23 Jan 2012 –  Presentation in Virtual Worlds of the Show: La grande astrazione celeste – Arte cinese del XXI° secolo, al MACRO Testaccio at MiC – China Abstract Art from Bejing in MACRO Museum in Rome Curator in Real Life Achille Bonito Oliva who did a selection from NAMOC – National Art Museum of China – Beijing Pechino :  Lei Hong (1972), Li Huasheng (1944), Li Xiangyang (1957), Lian Quan (1948), Liu Gang (1965), Liu Xuguang (1958), Ma Kelu (1954), Meng Luding (1962), Tan Ping (1960), Xu Hongming (1971), Yu Youhan (1943), Zhang Hao (1962), Zhang Jian Jun (1955), Zhang Yu (1959), Zhou Yangming (1971). Guest in virtual worlds SL – the MiC  responsable: Marina Bellini. http://museiincomuneroma.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/second-life-la-grande-astrazione-celeste-al-mic/


Working progress:

– LEA Project –  Linden Labs assigned me a full SIM for my dedicated project presented and accepted in November-December 2011.  Full Realization will be in the first 2012 and the project will stay open till March 2012. http://lindenarts.blogspot.com/2011/11/announcing-winners-of-lea-land-grants.html    Listed artists: Artistide Despres, Charlotte Bartlett, comet Morigi, Freewee Ling, Glyph Graves, Harter Fall, Merlino Mayo, Mikati Slade, Misprint Thursday, Oberon Onmura, RAG Randt, Secret Rage, Selavy Oh, Sowa Mai, Ux Hax, Zachh Cale

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Interview released to Virtual Worlds Magazine:

italiano http://virtualworldsmagazine.wordpress.com/2011/04/22/giovanna-cerise-intervista-merlino-mayo/

english http://virtualworldsmagazine.wordpress.com/2011/04/22/giovanna-cerise-interviews-merlino-mayo-english-version/

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