NATURAE The Night of Fire at MiC Musei di Roma Capitale (2nd Part)

Concert Hall of Fire in NATURAE at MiC while music performance of Ultraviolet Alter

Concert Hall of Fire in NATURAE at MiC while music performance of Ultraviolet Alter

The Show NATURAE  at MiC Museums of Rome official Sim started the 28 March 2011 was closed in the 30 May 2011 with this final installation of FIRE element witch closed the circle of 5 elements. So Fire was celebrated and visible only 1 day, with a great concert from Ultraviolet Alter performer alive.

Here also the official post of the event:

The Sun star in the Concert Hall

The Sun star in the Concert Hall

This final installation in the whole complex of NATURAE (more bigger), consisted in detail of a desert plane with 16 red vases and a giant artist portrait (Ai Weiwei) in the sky, made of hundreds of little men, in the center there was a hole grid to enter in the Concert Hall a big dark space with the Sun (the star of fire) and dozens of spheres sits for audience, the performer was in the center with one line connecting to the upper star.

Fire Desert with Ai Weiwei portrait the entrance for Concert Hall

Fire Desert with 3d-ManyLittleMen Ai Weiwei portrait the entrance for Concert Hall

The informative note of the event:

“ULTRASONNE” Concert! Tonight!
1.30 PM (SLT)
(22:30 ITALY)

Tonight at the MIC, the island of Rome’s museums in Second Life, Concert “ULTRASONNE” Ultraviolet Alter and “Night of Fire” to celebrate the closing of the hit show “Naturae” by Merlino Mayo.
The cycle of Naturae exhibition closes tomorrow, after a very successful turnout and publishing a report of Linden Lab, interest and participation of thousands of visitors with hundreds of photos on Flickr, blog posts and publications virtual art, is celebrated in the sim of Museums Rome Capital. The cycle ends in the name of Fire, the last of five natural elements already present in the inauguration of the East April 28:  Metal, Wood, Earth, Water.

UltraSonne by Ultraviolet Alter.
Performing under the name of UltraSonne, Ultraviolet is a passionate Second Life artist/musician who loves to share her experiments in improvisation, often collaborating with other artists towards creating an immersive artistic happening. You are invited inside a world
of sounds composed of dynamic weaves of traditional instruments, a touch of jazz, modern grooves and irresistible syncopations making you feel you do not have enough body parts to
fully move with it.
The themes of her engagements are sensitive with subtle meaning : from the echo of ancient tribal evocation to polyphonic united voices, visiting depths of cadences and
rythmical dynamics… it’s a pulsing fiesta of energyies and dynamic lyrical tensions.
Merging, you can travel through waves of live rythms: from a delicate whisper to a cascade of interlaced matrix patterns: it’s intense, vibrant, coming from far, often with a humourous touch and a nostalgic evocation of grandiose landscapes of futuristic impressions.
Always open, not resolved, engaging, inviting you in, expansive but with an instinctive delicate intimacy.
UltraSonne on the Ultraviolet frequency waveband……

Input NATURAE show closing 31th Merlino Mayo

Photos of people present at the concert: