Metamorphoses by Merlino Mayo at LEA – Full Sim Project – 1st turn – 2011-2012 Show Open till 15 March 2012.

First of all I want to thank LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) and The LEA committee (Bryn Oh, Dancoyote Antonelli, Dekka Raymaker, JayJay Zifanwe, L1 Loire, Sasun Steinbeck, Solo Mornington, Werner Kurosawa, PatriciaAnne Daviau -advisor-) who trusted me and other artists (Artistide Despres, Charlotte Bartlett, comet Morigi, Freewee Ling, Glyph Graves, Harter Fall, Merlino Mayo, Mikati Slade, Misprint Thursday, Oberon Onmura, RAG Randt, Secret Rage, Selavy Oh, Sowa Mai, Ux Hax, Zachh Cale) for the first round LEA Land Grants to give me the opportunity to use a big space as a full sim to express my art.

Taking inspiration from the 1st book and a few of other episodes of the “Metamorphoses”, word that from greek means “change of shape”, written in latin by Publius Ovidius, this new project aims to build a path of multi levels within an allegorical vision related to the current age of crisis and transformation of human beings and our society.

Mannerism's most famous fresco: Giulio Romano's illusionism invents a dome overhead and dissolves the room's architecture in the Fall of the Giants.

The way to see the whole work would formally very different but conceptually similar to the fresco dedicated to the “Fall of the Giants” by Giulio Romano in the Palazzo Te in Mantua (Mantova), where the representation becomes a metaphor of the times lived and precarious power and human ambitions; So going on other examples are possible like the trasformations of Aracne, Daphne, Icarus, Heliades sisters, Medusa, ect. The outer and inner change of form and substance of living beings and their natural relationships into something different, new and unexpected, from the creative process naturally with technology through the lens of the symbolism of Myth and the squared glass of Science.

It is very interesting to see the origin of name Palazzo Te: “The famous villa, designed for parties, receptions and “idleness” of the Duke of Mantua, was built on an island in direct contiguity with the city center, known since the Middle Ages Tejeto, or Te. The hypothesis most likely derive from the term ’tilietum’ (place of linden trees) or from the Celtic ‘tezza’ linked with Latin ‘atteggia’ in english ‘attitude’, both meaning ‘hut’.” *from

Obviously the project is not complete about the whole huge Ovid’s work, and in start I’ve done just some main episodes, but my intention is to work on it in future, it will take time for sure. Stay tuned.

Merlino Mayo

Book I: Cosmogony, Ages of Man, Gigantes, Daphne;

0  Metamorphoses – Start point “Palazzo Te,  Mantova”

1  Metamorphoses – I – Cosmogony – The Creation of Universe

2  Metamorphoses – II – Cosmogony The Elements – EL MENTUM (2010)

3  Metamorphoses – III – Cosmogony – The Creation of Sea and Sky

4  Metamorphoses – IV – Ages of Man – The Golden Age of Man

5  Metamorphoses – V – Raise of Giants

6  Metamorphoses – VI – Fall of Giants

7  Metamorphoses – VII – Daphne

Some references:

LEA, LEA, Metamorphoses Illustrations First Book, Latin Original Texts, Book I in Latin, english text, virtual tour into the Room of the Giants.

Merlino Mayo (Italy) & Abstract Baroque (UK) each took home the $L20,000 prizes for winning the inaugural Scien@Art Physics 2010 Competition

Final prizegiving was 13/06/2010 – 17.00 (Europe TIME) – 08.00 PDT/SLT
CSW ISLAND di MarkWD Helendale e Aliza Karu

Scien&Art is a Project from Talete Flanagan (Second Physics) and Marjorie Fargis (SL Art)
made in collaboration with Experience Italy (Mexi Lane), UWA (Jayjay Zifanwe), Open Science (Noke Yakuza), Alpine Executive Center (Sunset Quinnell), CSW ISLAND (MarkWD Helendale) e USMP (Maximo Eames). The project born from the idea to link two big issues:  Art and Science.

The target is to bring the artists to express through their creativity from Science’s concepts and to help scientists to comunicate in a creative way.
This first edition of the contest was dedicated to the Physic and was divided into 6 categories: Atom, Big Bang, Cosmic Rays, Electricity, Nanotechnologies and Strings.

Science Giury was:

Talete Flanagan (chair)
Patio Plasma
Sunset  Quinell
Girdano Burnestein
Caledonian Hero
Albert Upsilon aka Mauro Francaviglia (president of SEGRAM ) as RL member

the winners into the “Science” section into each category:

Jess Oranos – ELETTRICITA’……………… vincitore del premio di 1.000 L$
Abstract Baroque – STRINGHE ………….. vincitore del premio di 1.000 L$
Merlino Mayo – RAGGI COSMICI……….. vincitore del premio di 1.000 L$
pol jarvinen – ATOMO ………………………. vincitore del premio di 1.000 L$
Dixit Writer – BIG BANG……………………. vincitore del premio di 1.000 L$
FreeWee Ling – NANOTECNOLOGIE…. vincitore del premio di 1.000 L$

The artistic giury was:

Marjorie Fargis – SL Art co-owner (a writer in RL)
Mexi Lane – Experience Italy (art expert in RL)
JayJay Zifanwe – UWA (UWA Manager RL)
Aneli Abeyante – Artists Gallery
Noke Yuitza – Open Science owner (Open Science curator RL)
Adam Grau – Ad Opera owner (artist in RL)

the 6 winners into the “Artistic” section into each category:

pol jarvinen – ATOMO………………………………………..category winner
Kolor Fall – NANOTECNOLOGIE ……………………….category winner prize 1.000 L$
Merlino Mayo – RAGGI COSMICI ………………………category winner
Jess Oranos – ELETTRICITA’ …………………………….category winner
Mila Thatam Rodroguez Imago – STRINGHE ……. category winner prize 1.000 L$
MOsMax Hax – BIG BANG ………………………………. category winner prize 1.000 L$

The two giury decided the best of final artists in both sections and decided the best Scien&Art Ed. 1 – 2010 – Physic – is assigned to: Merlino Mayo (Italy)

Mexi Lane said:
“he found the adaptation of his humanoid prototype also in this issue, building an egg where ‘the stone man’ float into the space, shooted from burning cosmic rays.
The genius is into the absence, into the essential and in the simplicity where Merlino Mayo can to target the contest theme, using a ricorrent element into his works. As a “real” contemporary artist.”

from UWA blog post:

“Merlino Mayo (Italy) & Abstract Baroque (UK) each took home the $L20,000 prizes for winning the inaugural Scien@Art Physics 2010 Competition, challenging all of Second Life to create 3D art objects incorporating Physics principles across a number of categories, Atom, String Theory, Nanotechnology, Big Bang, Electricity and Atom.”

a recent intersting article ita language:

SCIEN-ART: Arte e Scienza si incontrano in Second Life

and again from UWA:

“These 2 winning pieces, also automatically qualify for the Grand Prize Round of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge, which will take place across the month of September 2010.

The Scien&Art Physics competition, also awarded prizes for each of the 6 categories, with a winner selected representing the best scientific interpretation of the theme, as well as the best artistic representation of the theme. Notably, Pol Jarvinen, Jess Oranos & Merlino Mayo won both the best scientific and best artistic interpretation of their categories. The winners of each category are as follows:

Atom – Pol Jarvinen
Electricity – Jess Oranos
Cosmic Rays – Merlino mayo
String Theory – Abstract Baroque
Big Bang – Dixit Writer
Nanotechnology – FreeWee Ling

Atom – Pol Jarvinen
Electricity – Jess Oranos
Cosmic Rays – Merlino mayo
String Theory – Mila Thatam & Rodriguez Imako
Big Bang – MosMax Hax
Nanotechnology – Kolor Fall Posted by UWA in SL at 7:35 PM


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