Thinking about last night Art vernissage’s chat-voice debate on Second Life, at the famous artist Nessuno Myoo really intersting and wonderful sculptures show open called “Dream’s Prim” in the SaliMar’s Sim

the first of my thoughts at my awakening this morning was this famous song “I will survive” a remake performed from Petra Magoni ( italian singer with incredible outstanding voice).

Why this title “I will survive”?
The question from the Art expert Real Life galleries Mexi Lane was “Are you second life artists worried about your RLife aspect of your Art expression? About the preservation of your Art?”, “just for example, but what, into an uncertain future, if one day a Second Life’s grid activity will suddenly disappear, what will be left about your wonderful art sculptures from a lot of you artists?”. Well starting from this apparently innocent or provocative question, was following a really intersting debate between the people, builders, visitors present, about the art state into digital worlds and out real life link.
There was who said “you can put a lot of videos and make your own real life show”, and who said.. “you can call a professional RL blacksmith and ask to built your art sculptures!” and “for example Jeff Koons usually didn’t make directly his own art but call artisans who can made..”, Ect.
All these considerations were really intersting because the problem of what is Art into digital worlds, remind us one of the most important aspects into the art market history that is the fetish possessive feeling for the ‘unique’ master piece, the unique not repeatable real material part that cames from a potentially genius of art. This is the ‘disease’ called art collecting.
I think this is one of the most important aspect to understand why some kind of art found so hard to become famous, revolutionary or simply notable into art history. I think at this moment, digital arts seems more near to the firsts ‘screen savers’ (the first digital artists were called in this way)*(1) and more near to a video art, television artist performance, or something like that. There is a difference between “video” and “material” sculpture? I think yes, the way to share the property of the Art. The Andy Warhol videos with Edie Sedgwick factory girl, are still famous and important to understand his own art concept expressive line, but what if Warhol in his whole life did only videos? and did not any Brillo’s box, or Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe’s portraits? or materially painted Coke bottles repeat icons? Will be his art the same? probably I think No.

The problem is complex, we can’t say the ephemeral video art is not art, or theatre art or performer art, because this kind of arts are simply a real and respecteable art that need to be experienced, but what about digital sculptures? These seems to call something real, and what is real and what is not? I think, this is a question that can find answer only when we choose what is real and what not, what can really be hold and what not, what is really unique and what not. What will survive from digital arts from virtual worlds?