Exquisite Corpse Tower by Merlino Mayo & Shanti Yutani artists, Working Progress at SLife 7 Birthday

The “Exquisite Corpse Tower” project is an art installation and game creative procedure by Merlino Mayo and shanti Yutani at the Second Life 7 Birthday (opening 21-6-2010) SL7B

“Exquisite Corpse Tower” is an Art Installation built up with a Game Procedure that originates from a famous Surrealist game, so here we would like to show the idea of a composition where the creative process will be perfectly shared between two artists into virtual worlds of Second Life. As the original concept of the ‘game’, we will being allowed to see the end of what the previous has done, adding his work to the built structure as a growing tower 3d, in the previously selected space, level after level just to the end of prims and days; Each last step, will be hidden using “red or blue” temporary boxes, except for the final parts showed as visible slices with end shapes and colors. We will celebrate the comunication and the new Digital Surrealism.

You can visit it from here:



When you’ll visit the E.C.Tower remember to put sounds on, and fly into the structure slowly. Each turn level is made from Merlino and Shanti with different features, sounds, lights, colors, sensors, ect.

If you like to built your Exquisite Corpse Tower you can use these simple rules or make your own variations.

The RULES of the “Exquisite Corpse Tower” Game Project at Second Life 7 Birthday:

a) 2 players

b) We had a start lot made of 30×30 meters with a 234 prims.
It is our sheet of paper.

c) We will create a Tower 70 meters high, 7 levels. Each Level is composed from 4 cubes (10x10mt each) in 2 colors. Colors must be alternate. One player has got one color, blue or red.

d) Each Level is composed of 2 turns for player, in his turn the player can rez 16 prims splitted as he like in the space of 2 standard cubes of 10x10mt. The start is from quote Zero mts, and go to high growing till 70 mts.

e) Is permitted to go out a bit of our cube, this could give some little refer points to the other player.

f) Empty the mind and start to built fast as possible, with prims, colors, sounds, ect.

g) Numbers:
16 prims x 7 levels = 112 total prim for 1 player
The player can split 16 as he like, but needs at least to left 1 prim in 1 cube, its possible to avoid use of 2 prims max for turn but these are not usable for next turns but just for final decorations.

224 total prims for both 1 game.
Left prims will be used to built signs, info-givers, plants, ect.

h) At the end of each turn the player must take his 2 cubes completely opaque to hide his work. The game start from zero meters to 70 meters. At the end of the 14 turns, players will take off the cubes red and blu so the World can see the whole Installation! This is a very exciting moment for the players!

Let’s Roll!

by Merlino Mayo & shanti Yutani

Special Thanks to:
André Breton, Yves Tanguy, Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Prévert, Benjamin Peret, Pierre Reverdy, Max Morise, Joan Miró, Man Ray, Simone Collinet, Tristan Tzara, Georges Hugnet, René Char, Paul Éluard, and Nusch Éluard.

To better understand the old famous game here you see some Reference Links:






Something more about our working progress:

Following here you can see a slow flickr show about the steps of the working progress we did in SL7B to built our Equisite Corpse Tower, first it starts with the transparent structure with Red and Blue boxes (10×10 each) and after you can notice the boxes become opaque with just little art parts going out.

It was not simple to find each game turn of construction the same place from where to snapshot.

At last steps you can see the cubes Red and Blue go away and left the scene to the real final structure construction, it was a great moment for us! We didn’t knew how it will look finally! And we were so proud of the final result and we didn’t imagine a so good balance into the many different scultures. For us a great and intersting final effect.

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IL MOSTRO MARINO at Pirats 15 June 2010

IL MOSTRO MARINO at Pirats 15 June 2010

White Velvet Art Gallery on Tuesday June 15, 2010 at 1:00 pm SLT, 22h00 FR, that will exhibe until July 10, 2010 works of:

Carmine Caliera aka Carmine Freudenberger – Trinity Eales – Jazz62 Masala aka Vasco Lago Pinto – Merlino Mayo – mitou Waco


I. THE SEA MONSTER (Il Mostro Marino)

We come from the Sea, we are made of water, and we are losting the link with our nature. The Oil is the Earth’s blood, and actually we are looking the crisis of elements into the Planet.
Animals, fishes, birds, are going to death into our origin birth place and we look as they are and we can’t recognize our mother.


LE MONSTRE MARIN (Il Mostro Marino)
Nous venons de la mer, nous sommes faits d’eau, et nous sommes perdu’ le lien avec notre nature. Le pétrole est le sang de la Terre, et en fait, nous sommes à la recherche d’éléments de la crise sur la planète. Les Animaux, poissons, oiseaux, vont à la mort dans notre lieu de naissance d’origine et nous attendons comme elles sont et nous ne pouvons reconnaître notre mère.


Noi veniamo dal mare, siamo fatti di acqua e stiamo perdendo il legame con la nostra natura. Il petrolio è il sangue della Terra, e in effetti siamo testimoni della crisi degli elementi nel Pianeta. Gli animali, i pesci, gli uccelli, stanno morendo nel nostro luogo di nascita, di origine e noi siamo come loro ma fatichiamo a riconoscere nostra madre.

On the Corner you’ll see THE BIG COLUMN that is called “IL SILURO” (The TORPEDO) put sounds on to listen it.
A big structure with morphing prims and men welding together into a metallic dynamic and moving volume.

On the wall “La Porta” (The Door) a little black sculpture with 4 men.


Siamo lieti di invitarvi alla apertura della Galleria d’Arte White Velvet su Martedì 15 Giugno  2010 alle 1:00 pm SLT 22:00 FR esporre fino al 10 Luglio 2010 luogo di lavoro:

Carmine Caliera aka Carmine Freudenberger – Trinity Eales – Jazz62 Masala aka Vasco Lago Pinto – Merlino Mayo – mitou Waco


Wir freuen uns, Sie zur Vernissage der White Velvet Art Gallery, am Dienstag, 15 Juni 2010 in 1:00 pm SLT, 22:00 FR, das bis 10. Juli 2010 die Arbeit:

Carmine Caliera aka Carmine Freudenberger – Trinity Eales – Jazz62 Masala aka Vasco Lago Pinto – Merlino Mayo – mitou Waco

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Merlino Mayo’s Blog by Merlino Mayo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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